Thursday, March 18, 2010

How to Deal with Fleas

If you're having a problem with fleas on your cat don't worry, you aren't the only one. This is a common problem especially for outside cats. Some cats don't even itch or scratch when they have fleas so you can't even tell they are infested. This is why it's important to check every once in a while by seperating there hair and looking through it.

When it comes to cat care, it's also important to provide your cat with some kind of flea prevention which in turn can prevent tapeworm. There are many different kinds out there on the market today but I suggest speaking with your vet to pick the safest option.

When you cat or kitten has been infested with fleas, you need to treat your house as well. The fleas spends most of it's life cycle in the living environment and not on your pet. Many people use flea bombs or foggers to treat the infected area of the house. If you don't do this, the fleas may still be alive in your home and pop up later on.

You can also vacuum up flea eggs from the carpet and then dispose of the bag right away. Putting flea powder in the actual vacuum bag is also helpful because it will kill them on contact.

Keep all of this stuff in mind especially around flea season which is from the early spring all the way to December.

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